Stuck with the Billionaire Cowboy


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Had I known my billionaire cowboy was arranged to marry someone else … I would’ve ran the opposite direction.

Had I known our first kiss would lead to my heart breaking … I would’ve never slept with him.

Had I known that he risked it all for me … I would've never let him go.

Known as the goth ice queen, I’ve never had a problem keeping everyone at arm’s length.

But then Raul Cardenas, a virtuoso cross-examiner with a heart bigger than Texas itself, picks up the pieces of my broken heart when Mom passes, and my walls come crashing down.

Before I know it, our off-limits romance takes root deep inside my being.

When things couldn't be more perfect between us, however, I discover his deepest, darkest secret.

Raul has been arranged to marry someone else the whole time.

And I’m the idiot who never saw it coming … until it was too late.

Four years later, all that’s left between us is pure unadulterated hatred.

But when we’re stuck working a case together, I can no longer deny my desire to let him ravish me again.

But can my heart handle letting him back in?


“Stuck with the Billionaire Cowboy” is book three of my Stuck With You series, providing an exclusive glimpse into various characters connected to the fictional, upscale law firm of Duhn & Cardenas, located in the vibrant city of San Francisco.

While each book in the series is a standalone, delightful threads of other characters and captivating details are interwoven throughout.

“Stuck with the Billionaire Cowboy” offers a guaranteed happily-ever-after, and no cheating.