Swipe for Androids: A Love Bites Agency paranormal romcom


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From USA Today bestselling author Jamie K. Schmidt comes a brand new paranormal romantic comedy about androids learning to love.

Research librarian and newly sentient android Rose Stratton can solve any puzzle the denizens of Whynot throw at her. However, a new problem has been tickling her circuits. Every time she sees a happy couple, she goes into system overdrive. With the threat of being reprogrammed looming, it’s time to do what she does best—research—before she totally melts down. Time for a visit to the local Love Bites dating agency.

Android cop Zack Silverberg’s program is to protect and serve. Not feel. Emotions shouldn’t compute, which is why he needs to stop craving a family to go home to like his brothers in blue. But when Love Bites matches him to his ideal mate, he can’t help but wonder if it’s within his grasp, illogical as it seems. He doesn’t understand dating, though. Picnics seem pointless when androids don’t eat. Walks on the beach just clog up the gears. But when Rose breaks out the book on positions, their research turns a different corner and everything changes.

Together, they could find true love—if they can solve the mystery of human interaction before they’re sent back for a factory reboot.