Sword and Mirror


A witch who lost her way and a samurai whose love was betrayed.
After a car accident that cost her mother’s life and left piano master Ciara’s hand impaired, she is forced to look a change in career and pick up pieces of her wounded heart. A victim of mistaken identity, she finds herself dragged back in time and thrown into the clutches of a maniacal samurai. Risking her life, Ciara manages to escape with a little girl the samurai kidnapped to provoke his rival.

While doing so earns her the gratitude of Katsuo, the enemy warlord, an alliance with him comes at a price.

Ciara must pretend to be in a relationship with him. Feigning betrothal to a seasoned warlord seems the best way to ensure her safety as she looks for a way home. But the handsome stranger has a dark secret that could land them both in danger.

As genuine affection begins to develop between the pair, Katsuo is riddled with doubts. Will his feelings for Ciara interfere with his promise to help her get home? Or will his family’s hidden truth out her life in peril?

Sword and Mirror is the first book in the Yokai Tresaures series, a time-travel fantasy romance set in medieval Japan, inspired by Japanese folklore.