The Blizzard’s Secrets


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Taliver is a peaceful community. After rigorous training and relentless hard work under the studious mentorship of Taliver’s Seer, Daia is entering a new stage in her life and preparing for her induction ceremony as Taliver’s new Commander of the Forces.

Just days before her ceremony, Daia discovers dark secrets in Taliver’s past, and the Ruler begins to make strange, questionable decisions that leave Daia suspicious and concerned for her people. Daia bravely takes matters into her own hands as the soon-to-be Commander and seeks answers for herself.

However, she suddenly finds herself caught in a web of lies and deceit that runs deeper than she could ever have imagined. Little does she know, an even greater challenge awaits her. Struggling to distinguish truth from lie, Daia is forced to face an ultimate test that no amount of training could have prepared her for.

Featuring a strong sense of empowering individualism, personal growth, and determination, The Blizzard’s Secrets is an enthralling page-turner filled with earth-shattering discoveries that will keep you engaged from start to finish. It is a wonderful quick read for fans of false utopias, pursuits of justice, plot twists, and strong protagonists.