The Bloody Billionaire Boxset


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Embark on a journey into dark and taboo love with this comprehensive collection of FOUR FULL-LENGTH NOVELS featuring vampire romance. Witness the enthralling saga of alpha vampire billionaires and their unwitting human partners as they navigate the tumultuous waters of attraction and conflict. Discover shocking secrets and be captivated by the heart-racing scenes brimming with blood, suspense, and intense passion as adversaries transform into lovers.
BOOK One: Bloody Billionaire
I’m disgusted with myself—a human—stuck in this estate, serving a vampire I’ve hated my entire life.

I can get him alone whenever I want, but when I do…
Arousal tints the air, and my body betrays me making me forget why I’m here.

Ugh! Focus, Tessa! Just kill him, and you and your sisters get to live forever.
That’s worth driving a stake through the heart of the man I love, right?

BOOK Two: Bloody Billionaire’s Brother
I have a lust/hate relationship with a hot billionaire vampire.
Growing up in a cottage has not prepared me for the court intrigue and danger surrounding me.

To make matters worse…I’m carrying the vampire heir to a royal kingdom.

I’m caught between a vampire and a hard — oh, let me assure you, it’s a very hard — place.

BOOK Three: Bloody Billionaire’s Baby
I’m not the hero. I’m the rich villain.

But hiding my identity will save my vampire baby.
She can’t discover what I am.

Interacting with her is melting my cold heart, even with the walls I’ve put up.
I want to feel her heat against my skin.

One night of weakness, and now she’s carrying my child,
And she has no idea I’m prophesized to kill her.

BOOK Four: Bloody Billionaire’s Bride
It’s one thing being auctioned off to a billionaire stranger, but a Vampire…

He’s my captor,
And I’m bait for his revenge.

Feelings should not be blooming between us.
Yet, he’s marked me as his mate.

And for that, all hell will rain down on his clan.
I won’t become one of them, but I can’t live without him.