The Cold Kid Case: A Sparky of Bunker Hill Mystery


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Bloody Crime Spree of the Century!

Meet Sparky, an orphaned, street-savvy 11-year-old living by her wits in the Depression-era Bunker Hill neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles. She is on a mission to clear her name after being accused of the murder of a little girl whose body she discovers on a park bench—talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time! And things only get worse when Sparky is blamed for ever more outrageous crimes until her body count is ridiculous.

Will Sparky be able to summon the gumption to solve the crime and clear her name?

Rosalind Barden crafts an unforgettable and uniquely zany mystery, filled with a web of colorful characters, recalling the charm of decades past, with Hollywood, movie stars, mobsters, and, of course, murder.

#1 Amazon New Release "The Cold Kid Case," the first in Rosalind Barden's "Sparky of Bunker Hill Mystery" series, has been awarded multiple accolades, including the Firebird Book Award 1st Place for Cozy Mysteries. The next book in this 1930s humorous historical cozy mysteries series is "The Cannibal Caper: A Sparky of Bunker Hill Mystery." Coming in 2024 is the third in this fun mystery series, "Monkey Island Murder: A Sparky of Bunker Hill Mystery."