The Courier’s Wife


September 1862. Hattie Logan is a restless young woman with a strong will and an effervescent spirit. When war ignites, she escapes her privileged family and prim finishing school to join Allen Pinkerton’s spy agency, burning to make a difference for the Union. As one of Pinkerton’s mailroom girls, she uncovers secrets that could change the course of the war.

Still, she longs to do more. Dispatched as the courier’s wife, she ventures behind enemy lines, where her passion for the man posing as her husband deepens. But from the shadows of Hattie’s past, a secret threatens their plans and their lives.

A sweeping story of courage and resilience, with rich historical detail and unforgettable characters who will tug at your heart.

“This spellbinding novel transforms history into a powerful story of a woman’s courage in the face of adversity.” Readers Favorite 5-star review

“Fans who enjoy historical spy tales, civil war drama, and romantic adventures will find plenty to entice them in this great read!” InD’tale Magazine

“A first-class novel which represents the strength and courage of so many women during that era, those whose moral character and determination to face danger and stand up for a cause matched any man serving on the front lines of the war” The Historical Fiction Company