The Eve of Love: A Hearts Through History New Year Anthology


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We invite you to enjoy Hearts Through History’s debut anthology—The Eve of Love, as we take you
through three hundred years of family tradition—a New Year’s Eve Costume Ball where love conquers

Our chronicles begin in Tudor England with Katherine and William, and span centuries as tales of their
descendants dance and romance through time with heat from sweet to scorching. We’ll entice you with
elaborate masquerades, all-encompassing love matches, and a tapestry of settings that start in Tudor
England, journey through the US Colonial and Civil War Eras, Victorian London and Tokyo, and conclude
back in the United States on the cusp of the 20th century.

Best-selling authors are joined by new debuts in these ten heart-warming, never before published short stories.
Authors in this anthology include:

Elf Ahearn - "Love in the Midst of Midnight"
Eliza Carter - "Lord of Midnight"
Kathy Crouch - "The Masked Costume Ball"
Heather Hallman - "Sweets & Spirits Ball"
Cynthia Anne Hurt - "Mistaken Match"
Joan Koster - "Beneath the Mask"
Claudine Lamarr - "Vexed by the Viscount"
Julia Masters - "Her Forever Home"
Annie R. McEwen - "The Cinder Wench"
Zia Westfield - "The Unexpected Miss Nobody"