The Fine Line Between Love and Hate


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News flash: My uptight landlord is infuriating…
I hate him almost as much as those perfectly pressed dress shirts he wears… and the fact I want to rip them off.
Not reading the lease agreement before signing was an oversight, but now I’ve got it memorized. And I’m going to use it to my advantage while staying within the bounds of my contract. Barely.
Charlie can’t stand all my decorative little touches, so what if the gnomes are a little vulgar?
But declaring war with him is better than the alternative… ending up in bed with him.

Note to self: Never let my mother choose a tenant for my house…
Evie might be a librarian but she’s anything but quiet. In fact, she’s the complete opposite.
My outspoken new tenant seems to get off on pushing me out of my comfort zone… finding ALL my buttons.
And I’d be crazy to think that these sparks flying between us won’t fizzle out. We’re nothing alike. We’re all wrong for each other.
So why can’t I keep my hands to myself?

Opposites definitely attract in this hilarious enemies to lovers romantic comedy!

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