The Grumpy Billionaire’s Love at First Fight


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To most, I'm Dane Merritt, the billionaire Alpha Boss of Wall Street's baddest playboys, but this kindergarten teacher dares to give me a failing grade as a single dad?

Doesn't she know that messing with me can put her career on the line and turn her world upside down?

Yes, our worlds can't be more opposite, and this bubbly fresh faced kindergarten teacher has no clue the power I wield outside of this little classroom. But she's got some nerves to question my devotion to my daughter.

As sexy as she is in her little innocent blouse with pearl buttons, she is just a kid herself and she thinks she can teach me a lesson on how to be a better father?

I'll give her a lesson she'll never forget. I wonder if these kindergarten walls have ever seen a teacher bent over her desk.

When I'm done, she'll get a taste of my power and will be on her knees begging for more.

Until my worst nightmare happens, and Becca Foster is the one with the power to save me.