The Grumpy Side of Paradise


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Paradise is supposed to be a short-term stop. Until Thor shows up.
Okay, not the real Thor. But replace the hammer with a dog who won’t stop barking, and Adam Thomsen is definitely long-haired Thor’s doppelganger.
Too bad for me, he’s decided I’m the villain in his story.
Too bad for him, his scowl is no match for my super-powered positivity.
It’s a good thing, too, because we have to work together rehabbing a home in Paradise Valley—an assignment that, if I get right, will launch my career in a big way.
So I just have to play nice with my grouchy contractor.
Even if he never smiles. And wishes I wasn’t here. And disagrees with me about practically everything, including the whole reason I’m in Paradise in the first place.
I’m convinced Adam is the last man on earth I should fall for. The obstacle keeping me from all my dreams.
But then I hear him sing. And he finds me antlers. (Long story.) And suddenly, somehow, he’s everything I’ve ever wanted even if we do still disagree.
Unfortunately, there’s more on the line than just my job. Friendships, family relationships, and a town full of history are all at risk.
I want to believe I can have it all, but this is Paradise, and my name is EVE. Odds are, I’m headed for banishment. And this time, Adam isn’t coming with me.