The Hawkes


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Having found their true loves, the Hawke sisters, Sage, Raven, and Willow, reunite for the adventure of a lifetime.

Fleeing from King Philip as he arrests and persecutes the Templar Knights in his unending pursuit of their treasure, the group struggle to unravel a secret puzzle.

Sage has broken the code and deciphered a book. But where do the directions start and where do they end?

Willow was given a book of maps. What is she to do with the book? Where is she supposed to go? And why?

Raven has a key from her father. What does it unlock?

As the group struggles to answer the questions, they are trailed by nefarious men intent on claiming the deciphered directions. Together, they must overcome obstacles, outwit their pursuers and use their skills to find their reward. Will the end be worth the risks or will they discover that love is the greatest treasure?