The Healthy High Performance Way: Your Guide to Developing Mindful Habits That Revitalise Your Performance Mindset and Boost Accomplishment


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To be a high performer you’ve got to work hard and hustle. Powering through obstacles is the only way to get ahead in a fast-paced world, right?


You don’t need to be Hercules to create breakthrough high performance. In fact, while you might make short-term gains by hustling, in the long run, you run the risk of damaging your health and your reputation through burnout and bad behaviour.

Perhaps you already have.

What if:
- You have been looking in the wrong place for inspiration and motivation?
- You could remove barriers to high performance by working smart rather than hard?
- You could take your performance to new heights with ease?

The key to high performance ease is knowing how to align your thoughts with desired results. This book shows you how to do this in a healthy, effective way by equipping you with applied mindfulness tools, including L A Worley’s trademarked I-AM-I methodology.

As a psychotherapist, coach and recovering perfectionist, L A Worley recognised what was creating performance plateaus in herself and clients — fear-based dissociative thinking. She devised the I-AM-I methodology, or neural pathway re-engineering, that helps people get to the root of performance blocks, remove them and create new neural pathways that generate cognitive coherence and pave the way to success and fulfilment.

This book is not a scientific tome proving the validity of mindfulness. Rather, it is a practical step-by-step guide designed to help anyone — business owners, leaders, employees, students, sportspeople, stay-at-home parents — develop a sustainable, mindful high performance mindset. It provides an intentional, integrated mindfulness methodology that revitalises performance habits, accomplishment and self-worth.

You’ll not only develop a healthy relationship to performance but you’ll also take your self-worth to new heights by following L A Worley’s guidance.