The House of Starlight and Shadow


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From Amazon Bestselling Author Coreene Callahan comes a spellbinding novel about a woman born to stand in the breech between parallel worlds where revolution is imminent, honor means little, and the stakes are life and death.

Truly Langford-Bardot has spent her life pretending to be normal. No one knows about the monsters that stalk her sleep, or that she was left inside a cardboard box on the steps of a church as a newborn. Raised in foster care on the tough streets of Philadelphia, she learned to take care of herself and trust no one.

After being forced out of her dream job, she’s working a dead-end one when a mysterious stranger arrives with proof she’s heiress to a Victorian mansion in a ramshackle neighborhood. But upon entering her new home, Truly accidentally unlocks a door to a magical realm, releasing an ancient evil from its prison—along with a dark family secret.

Hunted by those who rule the mirror kingdom, Truly comes face-to-face with Westvane, the queen’s slayer, and is given an ultimatum—help him recapture the monster she set free and kill the queen, or be executed for opening a portal to another world.