The Last Rose


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When I was young, just before I presented as an omega, a boy in my class told me I was pretty. His cheeks flamed red as he held his breath, waiting for me to respond. I giggled, covering my mouth, the way little girls do when silly things happen.

His eyes went dark as I continued to laugh.

Then he stomped off, calling me nasty names.

I never understood why boys acted like that. They do silly things, then get angry when you smile.

But the thing I remember the most about that moment was it was the last time I felt normal. A few weeks later, during a fancy dinner party, men broke into my parents' house and killed everyone.

They all died. My family, their friends, the staff, even those awful men that tried to take me away. And the only thing that scares me more than what happened that night, is being forced to explain why I was the only one to survive.

This is a love story between a broken omega and her pack of not so good guys.

The Broken Omega series centers around omegas that are abused, traumatized, or have even broken the law. Each book tells the journey of an omega trying to find love and acceptance in a world that has broken them.

NOTE: The Last Rose is a Contemporary (MMMMF) Reverse Harem Omegaverse Romance. It contains violence and dark themes. HEA. Please heed the warnings before reading.