The Locrottum Academy: Book 2


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My parents have always made sure that they raise strong daughters. No matter what happens, I have to be strong. I can’t show my stress or worry over not knowing what’s happening with part of my family. I didn’t think all this stress would make my sleepwalking come back, I used to struggle with it as a little kid, but it got better once I started attending Locrottum Academy. I just have to focus on my love of fashion and being myself. That will make the sleepwalking go away, right?

On top of it, all Calvin and I are hanging out again, and I don’t know how to deal with my crush on him. We’ve been friends for so long, and then there’s the fact that he’s a bear shifter and I’m a wolf. It could never work out.


There is one thing I don’t like about life, change. Ever since I was little change has always brought events I don’t like. From losing my parents to Julius being the first out of the two of us to get a girlfriend, now he doesn’t have any time for us to hang out anymore. It feels like all of a sudden everything is different and I can do nothing to stop it.

One thing I never expected was for Pearl to call on me for help when she starts sleepwalking out of the dangerous woods that surround the school. I’ve liked her since middle school, and now she’s asking me to keep one of her secrets. How long can I do this before we have to let Headmistress Silverstein what’s going on?