The Mongol’s Coffin

Book 1


If Indiana Jones had served in Special Forces!

Former spec opcs intelligence officers in a deadly race to follow a musical map to Genghis Khan's tomb!

After his abrupt departure from special ops intelligence, Grant Casey thought the Bone Guard would be his new start. A team specializing in securing historic and cultural sites around the globe—with new conflicts exploding daily in sensitive archaeological regions, how could it fail? But a distinct lack of clients suggests his idealistic vision may not have been such a hot idea after all.

Just when the venture seems doomed to fail, Casey runs into university researcher Liz Kirschner, who has uncovered a musical map to Genghis Khan's tomb. An assassination attempt, arson at the archives, and the support of a shady Hong Kong billionaire clinches it: The Bone Guard has their first client!

Racing the Chinese government bent on destroying the legacy of the man who conquered their land, the Bone Guard hunt for clues from Cambridge, England to the steppes of Mongolia, dodging assassins, and secret police, forced to rely on untrustworthy souls from a thief known as the Phantom, to Grant's old commander: the guy who hated his guts.

As these forces converge on the map's stunning destination, Casey's idea for the Bone Guard may turn out to be a very good one indeed!

The Bone Guard. . .where adventure and history ignite.