The Queen’s Wings


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Carolyn doesn’t care what anyone else says, she knows she’s a shifter. Sure, the change usually occurs at puberty and she’s pushing thirty, but this dragon fire in her belly isn’t just indigestion. Now if only she could convince a sexy but stubborn alpha that she’s the first female of his kind in a thousand years…

Reed wishes he could believe Carolyn’s ridiculous claims. After all, it would break a millennium-long curse that started with the death of his sister. But if the gorgeous woman is telling the truth, then Reed’s fiery desires could hit the danger zone.

When Carolyn proves she’s not full of hot air, she learns that Reed hopes she’ll sit back and squeeze out eggs while the Cult of Humanity wants to make her a dragon sacrifice!

Caught between duty and danger, can Carolyn and Reed find a way to keep their sizzling passion alive?

The Queen’s Wings is the thrilling and hilarious first novel in the Emerging Queens romantasy / paranormal romance series. If you like strong women, dominant dragons, and scorching wit, then you’ll love Jamie K. Schmidt’s sexy story.