The Royal Occult Bureau Book 1


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London 1887
My name is Asia Quicksilver, and my life has never been a bed of roses. Well, I spent a lot of time in bed, but not to sleep. As a prostitute at the luxurious brothel De Luna House, I’ve seen a lot of action in the bedsheets . Not that I’m planning to solicit myself forever. Once I set aside enough pounds to move out of London, I’ll start afresh.
My little plan goes out of the window when a handsome and menacing man asks to be my exclusive client. I can’t refuse. The pay is too good.
Except that he doesn’t just want to tell me his name, but he doesn’t want to touch me. He doesn’t undress me. He doesn’t even want to see me naked. It’s the first time I meet a man who pays good money to watch me read a book.
Apparently, he’s interested only in sitting in my bedroom for the whole night. When he claims that an incubus is after me, I don’t believe him. He must be another one of those opium addicts that cram London’s streets.
But after a man with uncanny strength, speed, and charm attacks me, I wonder if my new, dark client is right.