The Secret of Love


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Dive into a world of suspense, romance, and heartwarming connections with Dianne Walker, a dynamic and successful 55-year-old lawyer in the breathtaking city of Cape Town. Known for her sharp intellect, unwavering dedication, and a unique blend of class and charisma, Dianne commands respect in both the courtroom and beyond. Among her myriad clients, the prestigious Burger Wine Estate holds a special place, as does its charismatic winemaker, Robert Burger—her best friend and the holder of a secret, unrequited love.

Suddenly, Dianne's world plunges into a chilling abyss as an anonymous stalker emerges, sending disturbing notes and intrusive gifts that escalate in their threat. Despite the full force of the law working tirelessly, the stalker remains elusive. Robert steps up to the plate, determined to shield Dianne from the menace that has encroached upon her life.

His solution?

A fake engagement, a charade meant to safeguard Dianne, and hopefully, unmask the stalker.

In this thrilling fake relationship romance, older readers will find a deep resonance with the mature, well-developed characters navigating a dangerous twist in their lives while discovering emotions that have been years in the making.

This book is part of the riveting series of the Burger brothers' journey toward love. While it can be enjoyed as a standalone, for a truly immersive experience, starting with the first book in the series is recommended.

Unleash the thrill of suspense, the warmth of enduring friendship, and the joy of unexpected love in a book that will keep you hooked from beginning to end. Indulge yourself in this intriguing tale that beautifully interweaves danger, courage, and romance.