The Shadow Within


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Embark on an epic fantasy adventure with "The Shadow Within," the first tome in "A King's Wrath" trilogy that weaves an intricate tale of allegiance, deceit, and the relentless pursuit of power. When the kingdom of Hallgeard falls under the iron fist of the treacherous Giradius Vaskar, it is up to the brave Oleander brothers—Oliver and Artur—to navigate an odyssey fraught with darkness and betrayal to reclaim their birthright. Guided by the wisdom of their venerable mentor Otis Thim, the brothers must unite a fractured realm and usher in an era of peace.

Delve deep into the heart of the Sharr Kingdom, a land teeming with mythic creatures and landscapes that spring from the page. These vistas offer a fertile ground for exploration, while also setting the stage for battles that test the mettle of our heroes. Their journey is more than a simple quest; it is a crucible that forges the very essence of nations and the souls of those destined to lead them.

In "The Shadow Within," author M.Z. Szklanny crafts a world where the lines between friend and foe blur, setting heartbeats racing with every turn of the page. Every chapter is a masterful blend of gritty realism and magical wonder, ensuring that readers will find themselves clinging to every word, spellbound by the intricate plotting and rich character development. If you are hungry for a new saga filled with intrigue and honor, where the spirit of adventure is alive and magical escapades await, then look no further. Claim your crown, join the Oleander brothers in their fight for Hallgeard's throne, and become part of a story that will echo through the ages.