The Sisters of Sweet Springs (Farmers’ Market Sisters Complete Series)


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"I loved this series and hate to see it end. I felt that I got to know all the sisters and became like a second family in a way."
- BookBub Review, ★★★★★
1. Love in Bloom - Amber doesn't normally expect such a large bouquet request unless someone has been very bad.
Fynn isn't her typical customer. When he returns to her farmers’ market stand, it isn't for more flowers; it's for a date with her. Assuming he's up to no good, Amber turns him down only to find him again the very next day as she rests a flower beside each unloved grave.
"Love Fynn’s outlook and personality that help Amber’s confidence grow and blossom. Highly Recommend."
-Goodreads Review, ★★★★★
2. Kiss Me for Luck - Rosemary has always been the responsible older sister, looking after others and their family farm. She and her sister, Amber, planned to take over when their parents decided to retire. Rosemary knows the chances she will meet another man are slim. Then one cold winter night, her family carried in a handsome, soaked stranger.
"I liked this very much! Grown up behaviour in the face of struggles. Not going over the top drama. Leprechaun fun...I loved that one!"
-Goodreads Review, ★★★★★
3. Sweet as Honey - Willow never expected to find love on the side of the road. But there was Luca Jacoby, hood up, steam billowing out of his truck. It was quite the Saint Patrick's Day luck.
"I love the meet cute for Luca and Willow as they tow him to the farm. Luca travels but yearns for home. Willow has home and yearns to travel. This well written book is a sweet, afternoon read to see if these two likable characters can find their happy spot."
- BookBub Review, ★★★★★
4. Cherries & Sparks - Sky has always been faithful to her high school sweetheart. They've been together for years, since long before Cam decided to join the military. She stayed with him despite his lengthy deployment, worrying phone calls, and often weeks or months without a word. For Cam to not call her after getting off the plane makes Sky fear he has changed.
"There are an explosion of emotions on both sides as they come to term with the changes but there is a beautiful conclusion. Well worth the read!"
-Goodreads Review, ★★★★★
5. Be My Pumpkin - Sienna has always been the farm's marketing specialist. But when the pumpkin patch opens for the season, attendance is unexpectedly low. Joel Kirsch is only supposed to be there installing a security system, but he wants to help. Together, they plan a last-minute fall festival to bring in extra customers. If the festival flops, Sienna worries she'll be stuck with truckloads of pumpkins in the fields.
"Great characters and a plot that just keeps you reading. I loved the paintball scene."
- BookBub Review, ★★★★★
6. Decked with Love - Every year, Melody donates Christmas trees from her farm to local families in need. Someone calls in a special, anonymous request, sending Melody on a new charity mission. Tucker, the new school teacher in town, has discovered a family in need of a lot more than a tree. He’s heard rumors she’s an angel in disguise, a gentle soul who is eager to help, and who always carries Christmas spirit wherever she goes.
"This book will definitely put you in a Christmas mood."
-Goodreads Review, ★★★★★
7. Midnight Snow Ball - Azalea's baked goods have earned her a reputation among the locals, but so has her rough and wild attitude. A new Farrier arrives at the farm to care for the horses. He's a hard, lonely man in need of some quality cooking. Elias seems like a tough and tolerant man. He might do for a fake date. She just has to convince him to put up with her for one night.
"I liked that it was the man to thaw the cold heart instead of the girl for once...and that he helped her through her pain."
- BookBub Review, ★★★★
"It was a wonderful series. I looked forward to each new book as it came out."
- Amazon Review, ★★★★★