The Stiamaq Emerald


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Adrian Blacklion always knew magic was real. He just hated it.

All he wanted was to live a normal life. Until a dream-vision tells him his long-missing father is in trouble.
To figure out where he is, Adrian must return to the magical world, where cities run on spell-based crypto, and you need a license to teleport. All he can trust is his longtime friend Meilianna, an ancestral Focus, and a lot of snark.

Somebody's going to pay for this…the Dread Snake of the North, the Cretan Bull of Govan, even the ancient Blood Goddess breaking free of her stone prison. Whether it's a spell-bolt to the chest or a punch to the jaw, he'll make them pay.

Grab a Focus and get ready to chant! It's time to hunt for the Stiamaq Emerald.