The Treasure of Peril Island

An adventure novel for teens


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A penniless young man living on a barge on the Thames in 1903 London, Jack Drayton is unsure of where his life is heading. He’s trying to decide what to do next with himself, when he meets a peculiar stranger, who speaks, dresses, and behaves as though he’s stepped out of another era. He tells Jack that he is in fact Black Juan Gaskara, an infamous pirate, and claims that he’s on the run for his life.

Now, that would be all fine and good, except for the fact that the real Black Juan Gaskara would have to be over 112 years old; or more logically, dead.

However, despite his disbelief, Jack is intrigued by the man. Gaskara leaves Jack with a cryptogram which reveals where his treasure is hidden. Suddenly it's up to Jack to recover the loot before Black Juan’s enemies get their hands on it first. With his best friend Hector at his side, Jack must venture on the journey of a lifetime to find the treasure before Gaskara’s foes put an end to his search…and his life!