Three Days at Wrigley Field


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Which is more important, tradition or winning? Rachel Caravetti, a mysterious, tall brunette puts professional baseball to the test of answering that question in the novel, THREE DAYS AT WRIGLEY FIELD. She has the pitch. Does baseball have the guts to hire her?

Kevin Boswell, a slumping ace pitcher, stands to lose his job if Rachel succeeds; yet he is also the only man Rachel has ever loved. Mike McAllister, the cancer-ridden owner of the Chicago Cubs, dares to invite Rachel to audition for the team. Hank Lehman, the plotting Cubs manager and Leah McAllister, Mike's beautiful granddaughter will go to any length to see Rachel fail.

THREE DAYS AT WRIGLEY FIELD sweeps Rachel and her quest for individual triumph into a world of romance, conspiracy, greed and murder. How far are people willing to go to fight for what they believe?