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Scarlett is being hunted - by the agency, the man in the blue car, the angry girl inside her own head. She doesn't know what they want from her... or why she keeps waking up in somebody else's life. A spy. Code name: Tigereye.

Scarlett Fitzgerald's normal teenage life is wrenched apart when she wrecks her car only weeks before graduation. Everyone assures her she's fine, but they're wrong. They have to be, because ever since the accident, strange things have started to happen.

It only takes a few days for Scarlett to realize she's being followed. The man in the blue car is getting closer and he won't leave her alone. But she'll take the creepy man in the car any day over the scary feeling that someone else is trying to control her body. Or the memories of the surgery that everyone insists she never had. And then there are the dreams...vivid, scary, so real she wakes up in the morning bruised and sore like she's been awake the entire time.

Fighting. Falling. Running for her life.

Scarlett is plunged into a mystery that keeps growing every time she turns over a new rock. And when she finally gets to the truth, she realizes nothing in her life is how she thought it was.

Especially herself.