Training Bruno With Heart


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A Distracted Student, A Dog Trainer, and Love
Training Bruno with Heart: A Dog Lovers' Rescue Romance
While Marina, a devoted dog trainer, is trying to run a dog obedience class, Sean, one of her students, annoys the whole class with his own distractedness, while his dog, a stout English Bulldog named Bruno, misbehaves.

“Okay, guys, let’s focus,” I say, loudly. “Helen, please stop bothering Sean. Sean, please pay attention or step outside of the circle.” I pause dramatically. “Class, let’s re-focus. We’re going to start with the sit command. Is everyone ready?” Most of the class says yes. Helen glares at Sean and then me but finally grumbles out a yes. Sean shoves his phone into his pocket and smiles at me. His sexy eyes make me pause, and my tummy dances inside with butterflies.”

The initial interactions caused a big disruption. Even more so inside Marina’s soul.

She finds herself feeling a deep attraction growing in her heart.

But she has to shake it off her mind. Or does she?

Could she stop herself from falling in love with him?

Training Bruno with Heart is a totally captivating and heartwarming romance story that will keep you turning pages all night.

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