Tribute to the Alien Warlord


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She was given to me as a tribute, but soon she becomes the master of my heart.

ALAHNA: Many generations ago, humans fled Earth and sought refuge on the planet Thyre, a world ruled by formidable warlords. In exchange for protection and the right to inhabit Thyre's lands, each year our outposts pay tribute to the warlords.
This year, we fall short on our tythes, and the village mayor decides to pay the missing taxes in the form of four women. I'm chosen to be part of the tribute given to Brogan, the Warlord of Grymburg.
I don't know what awaits me, but I wasn't prepared for the warlord to take my breath away and claim me the moment he lays eyes on me.

BROGAN: The humans, a tolerated species on Thyre, have many uses, but by far their greatest asset is their talent to breed horses.
When it's time to collect this season's tribute, I'm dismayed they use human kallinies to pay their debts instead of the horses I expected. At least until my eyes land on HER. The most delectable kallini I have ever seen and who soon heats my cold Warlord heart. Before I know it, she even brings pets into our home.
Our bliss, however, is threatened by the arrival of more humans from Terra, seeking to take what is MINE. A bloody war seems inevitable.