Under the Golden Rain Tree


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Ten-year-old Lily lives in a serene village in Northern Thailand, however, her life is anything but peaceful. Her sister torments her, and the boys bully her relentlessly about her disability. She is nothing like Jasmine, who helps their mother make beautiful bead bracelets. No, not with her abnormal hand. Lily yearns to be normal and wishes she can help her family.

One rainy afternoon, Lily is caught in a storm and seeks shelter in the forest. She wakes to discover a sacred white elephant under the golden rain tree and names him Rambu. A special friendship blossoms between Lily and Rambu and through their bond, Lily learns to let go of her insecurities, thus turning her adversities into strengths.

When the boys discover Lily’s relationship with Rambu, they threaten to have him captured by the police and turned over to the king. Lily must draw upon her courage to stand up to the bullies and find a way to protect her magical elephant before it is too late.