Watched by the Dad Bod


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Ronan and Poppy are next-door neighbors who can't help but watch each other when they think the other isn't looking. In this case, cupid isn't blind, but he's definitely got great aim.

Ronan Duncan has been a Private Investigator for years, and he's nearly burnt out. These days the only person he wants to watch is Poppy Tanner, the woman who owns the coffee shop in the next building. He finds himself scheduling his work around her schedule just to keep an eye on her.

Poppy Tanner is tired of being watched. When she lived back in Chicago, she went on two abysmal dates and then the man wouldn't take no for an answer, calling and leaving her gifts that make his obsession crystal clear, leading Poppy to move to Center City.

When he shows up in her shop, she's stunned and filled with fear.
Ronan steps up and shows her that she's not alone. In fact, he wants her love

How will Poppy react to having Ronan protecting her up close and personal, instead of being Watched by the Dad Bod?