Western Hearts


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Kip made a promise to his dying brother, but cowboy life didn’t prepare him to run a ranch, deal with a rebellious kid sister, and raise twin boys.

Upon first meeting, Kip mistakes Nicole for the new housekeeper hired so his kid sister can avoid her work, then he realizes her true purpose is taking the boys away.

Nicole has a will from her sister – the boys’ mother – giving custody of the twins to her father. Not willing to tear the kids away from everything familiar, she agrees to stay for a getting-to-know-you period.

But the boys aren’t the only ones she’s getting to know, and Nicole finds herself falling for the ruggedly handsome cowboy.

Can something beautiful grow between them or will cross-purposes kill what could be before it truly begins?

USA today bestselling author, Carolyne Aarsen, presents a heartwarming cowboy romance that focuses on the meaning of family, faith, and lov