Whims & Vices


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Max is in love with Molly. And so is his best friend, Sam.

Young and wild, the three friends share an apartment in the Adirondack mountains of New York in the early '70s living by their whims and vices in an endless party of drunken flirtations, freedom and experimentation, transcendent drugs, and easy sex.

Sam is charismatic and unpredictable and easily charms Molly. Max struggles with insecurity and jealousy and, through a twist of fate, finds himself in her bed, tangling their lives into a romantic knot that threatens to tear them apart. How can sensitive Max fight for fiercely independent Molly without losing his drug-addicted best friend?

Love, lies, and betrayal test their friendship and will change each of them forever. You won't forget this powerful story of a love triangle between three friends.