Wielders of Woe: Inferno

Book 1


When a hidden plot to overthrow the royal family is discovered and his father is murdered, Prince Halcion Skyborn is accused by the governing council of the Empire of Athos, led by High Minister Varim, and arrested for treason. Saved only by the star-nation's defining doctrine, Hal's birthright, his Fire Wielding abilities, are stripped away and is exiled to the forsaken Ashlands where no one has ever returned from.

In his exile, Hal must challenge powerful celestial forces, confront those he used to call friends, and unravel the secrets of his family's ancient forebears to reclaim his birthright and save his people, even if it means facing his own blood. Though little does he know this is but the first step in a cosmic conflict that has raged for centuries and the whispers of a primordial deity are just being felt.