Wild and Beautiful


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A loving mother explores life’s hopes and dreams with her child in this poignant affirmation of love.

Heartfelt storytelling paired with lush painterly illustrations depict a mother and child’s special bond.

A mother, with hopes and dreams of her own, avows that none compares to the love of bringing a child into the world. In this tender affirmation of love, a mother invites her adored to explore their own dreams in their wild and beautiful life. Author Amanda Esch-Cormier’s soulful text combined with serene painterly illustrations, evokes the endless and tender love of a mother and child in her beautiful new picture book Wild and Beautiful.

In this tenderhearted story, a mother shares her many dreams and adventures that have come to be in her life: climbing mountains, flying in the sky, swimming in oceans. Yet those thrilling adventures pale in comparison to the wonder and joy of being a mother. And now, it’s her child’s turn to reflect and she recounts to them all of the wonderful things in life that they can be and to fill it with their own adventures and dreams.