Wild Country


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Christmas won't be the same this year.

Kristina is content hiding from the world after her mother's death a year ago, but her world is rocked off its axis when Peter crashes his sports car into her fence during a snowstorm. She doesn't trust men, and when he claims to be the lead singer of a famous country band she's sure he's delusional. But she's stuck with him until the storm clears and he is kinda cute.

He could have been killed.

Peter is well known for his commitment phobias as a Country Rock Star, but one look at the feisty brunette who tried to kill him with a shovel and he falls head over heels in love. She has no idea who he is and doesn't care. That just makes him want her more.

Part one of Peter and Kristina's story. Their entire story is available now.
Book one of the Wild Romance Series.