Will Harper Florida Thrillers: Vol. 1-3


Dive into the sun-soaked, treacherous waters of Florida with Will Harper, a semi-retired investigative journalist turned private detective, in this riveting box set that bundle thrilling intrigue with a taste of the Floridian wild. Will, a boat and beer aficionado, isn't just navigating Florida’s tropical waterways on his live-in yacht; he's also charting a course through a sea of corruption, greed, and murder.

In "Million Dollar Staircase," Will battles against a city-wide conspiracy, where property and power are at stake. "Guilty Money" sees him exposing a corrupt prison system, where justice is a commodity. And in "Florida Burning," he's on the trail of an environmental disaster linked to a deadly conspiracy.

Will Harper, with his love for the waters and a nose for truth, stands as the state’s unlikely guardian. Together, these stories form a mosaic of modern Florida, a land of intoxicating beauty and lethal secrets. This box set promises a deep dive into Florida's underbelly, blending action-packed thrills with complex mysteries. Will Harper, with his unyielding pursuit of truth and justice, is the perfect guide through these tales of intrigue and danger.

Perfect for fans of gritty detective stories with a touch of heart, the Will Harper Florida Mysteries offer a window into the sunlit streets and shadowy alleys of Florida. Get ready for a series that's as intoxicating as it is intense!