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For more years than I cared to count, I’d been magically bound to grant wishes. And while fulfilling naughty fantasies wasn’t exactly a hardship, centuries of doing it had a way of burning a djinn out. I was counting down the days and satisfying clients until I’d collected enough wishfire to be done. I was cruising down the fast track to freedom until I saw her. She had more pent-up desire than anyone I’d ever encountered. And then the unthinkable happened—I fell for her.
As a shy bookstore owner, I’d resigned myself to finding love between the covers of my favorite romance novels. But I had needs and secret desires, which led me to The Wishing Well … and him, one of the club’s sexy owners. He seemed to want me, and heaven knew I wanted him. But he was hiding something. Something big. Were my wishes going to get me burned?