Witch Way To Love


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Desi Sapphire loves being a witch, even if she has the occasional magical mishap. So what if her powers are a little off sometimes? She hasn’t hurt anyone… yet. Unfortunately, the High Priestess of her coven sees things differently. Now, she’s been given less than a month to bind her powers with a male witch to gain control of her magic or be banished from the life she loves forever.

Drake Hamilton is not one to follow the rules. He’s powerful, dangerous, and not afraid to tell anyone how he feels. When he overhears the ultimatum that Desi is given, he can’t resist stepping in to help. He wants to teach her how to control her magical mojo and prove her coven wrong, spending time with the beautiful woman is just a bonus.

A lesson in control and countless dates later, the time has come. Now, Desi must choose witch way to love.

What’s a witch to do?