Witching for a Murder


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It’s October in Bobwhite Mountain, TN. The temperatures are getting colder at night and the entire town is decorated for the Halloween season. It’s a fun time of the year for all of the citizens of this quaint mountain town.

Landry Burke and her friends are surprised when Landry’s Mom, Claire, invites them all on a weekend camping trip. Eventually, they all agree to go but the mishaps that occur have them all thinking they should have stayed home.

Of course, everyone in town is planning their Halloween costume parties and Mayor Cartwright and his wife, Barb, are trying to get the jump on the others by having theirs earlier and on a weekday instead of the usual weekend celebrations. Everyone is having a great time at the party until a body is found and the main suspect is Landry’s best friend who just moved to town.

Sheriff Wyatt Collins, Landry and Adam are doing everything they can to find the real killer before an innocent woman is put in prison. Come join them, as well as Ms. Millie and her shenanigans, as they muddle through false leads and suspicions to solve the case. Murder, Mystery and Mayhem in a town you’ll fall in love with.