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Leigh McCallister has come home to the Rockies to set up her new veterinary practice, but now someone from her past is threatening her and that danger is growing. Will returning be the worst—and most final—decision of her life?

Her family’s ranch, in the shadows of the Wyoming Rockies, is a part of Leigh McCallister’s blood, but not everyone in Wolf Creek welcomes her with open arms. Her mother made a lot of enemies over the years with her shrewd and manipulative business dealings. Some of the locals are already blackballing Leigh’s fledgling clinic. And now that Cole Daniels is back in town, the rumors are starting to fly.

Single dad Cole has come back to Wolf Creek with one goal--he wants to clear the name of his wrongly-convicted father. Guilty, until proven innocent--that was the McAllister family motto, wasn't it? Cole will never forget it—no matter how interested he’d once been in pretty, kind Leigh McAllister. Thanks to her father's lies, Cole's dad had been sent to prison and then died there. And Leigh had testified against him, too.

Leigh and Cole might have gone steady in high school, but there’s no love lost between them now.
But someone is growing edgy, now that they are both back in town, and the threats are growing.

Can they set aside the past and work together before someone dies?

Another suspense-filled inspirational romance by USA Today Bestselling author, Roxanne Rustand.