Lit Influencers’ Summer Bash

Social Media Promo

Dates: 06/07/2024 to 06/19/2024

Promo Details

Time to get NEW readers to find and follow you on social!

Summer is here, and what better way to celebrate than by turning up the heat on your social media presence? In today’s digital age, connecting with readers goes beyond the pages of your books. It’s about sharing the moments that inspire you, the behind-the-scenes of your writing journey, and engaging directly with the community that cherishes your work.

Get ready for our Lit Influencers’ Summer Bash builder, your all-access pass to amplifying your social media following. Whether you’re a wizard on Twitter/X, an artist on Instagram, or a community builder on Facebook, we’re here to catapult your social profiles into the hearts and feeds of thousands of readers eager to click “follow.”

Why Dive into the Summer Bash?

  • Expand Your Digital Footprint: With LitRing’s expertise, watch your social profiles bloom. We’re talking about introducing you to a vibrant community of #ReadingAddicts who are not just looking for their next read but their next favorite author to follow.
  • Forge Genuine Connections: Social media is your stage, and this is your spotlight moment. Engage with readers who want to laugh, cry, and celebrate with you, turning casual followers into loyal fans.
  • Sustain Your Spotlight: The buzz doesn’t end when the bash does. Enjoy ongoing visibility as new readers continue to discover and engage with your social profiles, keeping the conversation (and the party) going long after.

Ready to Be the Next Social Sensation?

The time is now to take your social media presence from a whisper to a roar. Sign up today and let’s make this summer unforgettable for you and your readers.

Craving More Limelight?

Peek at our exclusive add-on options for an extra boost of exposure. These prime spots are as hot as summer itself and disappear just as quickly. Secure yours now and ensure your author brand shines brighter than ever before!

What You Get

  • 2 Week-Long Giveaway
  • Promotion on
  • Inclusion in LitRing emails
  • Social media promotion on LitRing accounts
  • Customized giveaway graphics for your use
  • Additional Promotion through Contests sites

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