Tired of querying authors in your genre to see if they would like to cross-promote with you? Get that time back to write by signing up for LitRing’s Round Robin Cross-Promotion! Get six months of promotions with minimal effort.

What the heck is a Round Robin?

This is a cross-promotion where authors sign up and we form small groups of similar authors within the same genre. All authors in the group must have a free book available for the duration of the promotion. This freebie can come directly from the retailers or be a BookFunnel or Story Origin link. Readers just need a way to download it for free. Every month, when authors send their newsletter, they will include one of the freebies so that all participating authors get a shoutout to their freebie every single month.

Why should I join LitRing’s Round Robins?

There are many, many authors out there organizing and coordinating these so by all means join theirs and stack ‘em up! If you want someone else doing the work, as in finding the authors, scheduling the swaps, tracking the links, providing promotional graphics and copy, then join ours, too. Plus, we’ll be sending out a newsletter to share the freebies with our thousands of subscribers, too! All for the low cost of $25.

Sold! When does this start?

We do two of these a year. The first runs from Jan-June 2023 and the second one runs from July-Dec. 2023. Participate in one or sign up for both! Interest forms go out a month or two before so that our team can form the groups and organize the promotion a few weeks before the cross-promotion kicks off.

Ready to put our team to work for you? Sign up under your genre on the interest form. There are no guarantees you will be included, as it depends on other similar authors/genres. This form closes on January 4th, and once groups are formed, we will email an invoice. If there isn’t enough participation in your genre, we will hold off until the next Round Robin and you’ll be notified. Don’t wait! Spots fill up quickly and we don’t want you to miss out on this amazing opportunity!

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