Endless Summer Reads

KU Promo

Dates: 05/24/2024 to 06/05/2024

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Time to get NEW readers excited for your KU book!

As the waves of summer beckon, there’s an ocean of Kindle Unlimited readers eager to dive into new adventures. Kindle Unlimited’s allure lies in its treasure trove of endless stories, offering readers the joy of discovering their next favorite book without limits. It’s a paradise where voracious readers bask in the sun of unlimited reading, making it the perfect platform for your book to be discovered. Is your book ready to make a splash? Endless Summer Reads promo is here to ensure your story doesn’t just drift in the vast expanse of KU—it becomes the treasure readers are searching for under the summer sun.

Why Set Your Sails with Us?

  • Boundless Visibility: With LitRing, your book will catch the perfect summer wind, reaching thousands of readers looking to stock their summer reading list with Kindle Unlimited gems. This isn’t just a temporary boost; we’re talking about visibility that extends the length of those long, sun-drenched days and beyond.
  • Ride the KU Wave: Kindle Unlimited offers a sea of books, but yours deserves to stand out. We’ll position your book so it’s not just another drop in the ocean, but a wave that gathers momentum, drawing readers into its pull.
  • Sunlit Promotion: Forget about getting lost in the crowd. Our strategic promotion ensures your book basks in the spotlight, attracting readers who are ready to indulge in their summer reading frenzy with your KU titles.

Are You Ready for a Summer of Success?

This is your moment to shine and ensure your Kindle Unlimited book is the one readers rave about from the beach to the backyard hammock. Sign up now and let’s turn this summer into an endless celebration of your stories.

Want a Bigger Splash?

Our limited add-on options are like finding a hidden cove of readers, just waiting for your book. Space is as coveted as a cool breeze on a hot day, so act quickly to secure your spot and make this summer the season your book truly shines!

What You Get

  • 2 Week-Long Giveaway
  • Promotion on LitRing.com
  • Inclusion in LitRing emails
  • Social media promotion on LitRing accounts
  • Customized giveaway graphics for your use
  • Additional Promotion through Contests sites
  • 3 Month Website Listing

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