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Dates: 08/02/2024 to 08/14/2024

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Time to get NEW readers downloading your freebie!

Who says you can’t get something amazing for free? In the book world, a free read is like finding a surprise gift—an unexpected delight just waiting to be enjoyed. Whether you’re introducing readers to an exciting new series or showcasing your storytelling skills, offering your book for free can attract new fans, stellar reviews, and a wider audience.

Welcome to the Great Escape Reads promo—your golden chance to put your free or perma-free book into the hands of thousands of readers who are eager for their next favorite story.

Why Join Great Escape Reads?

Spotlight Your Story: Let’s create some buzz by giving your book the attention it deserves. Our promo gets your free book directly to readers always searching for their next great read.
Expand Your Audience: Free books aren’t just about the quick download; they’re about building lasting connections. Engage with a wave of new readers and watch as they dive into more of your work.
Long-Lasting Impact: This isn’t just a one-time promo. We’re talking about long-term visibility that keeps attracting new readers well after the 13-day promo has ended.

Ready to Launch Your Book to New Heights?

Start your promotional journey now and watch as readers discover and fall in love with your work. Sign up today and let’s embark on this adventure together.

Want Extra Exposure for Your Book?

Check out our exclusive add-on options for additional visibility. These opportunities are as coveted as a perfect getaway, so act fast and secure your spot in the spotlight!

What You Get

  • 2 Week-Long Giveaway
  • Promotion on
  • Inclusion in LitRing emails
  • Social media promotion on LitRing accounts
  • Customized giveaway graphics for your use
  • 3 Month Website Listing
  • Additional Promotion through Contests sites

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