Frolicking Indie Authors

Spotlight Promo

Dates: 04/26/2024 to 05/08/2024

Promo Details

Time to SHINE as an indie author!

Navigating the indie publishing world can be a bit like finding your way through a maze—exciting but a tad overwhelming. We get it, and that’s exactly why we’re here with our Frolicking Indie Authors promo. Think of us as your personal spotlight crew, ready to shine a light on your amazing work.

For 13 awesome days, we’re all about celebrating indie books. Whether you’ve got a series starter or a fantastic standalone, we’re here to help your book get noticed by tons of readers who love supporting indie talent just like you.

Why You Should Jump On Board:

  • Reach Readers Who Dig Indie: We’re talking about getting your book in front of a crowd that’s all about indie authors. They’re eager to discover what you’ve created.
  • Stay Visible Longer: This isn’t just a quick hello-and-goodbye. Your book gets to bask in the limelight, making sure new fans can keep finding you even after the promo wraps up.
  • Boost Your Book Big Time: We don’t just list your book somewhere and forget about it. We actively push it, making sure it catches the eyes of people who are on the lookout for their next favorite read.

Let’s Do This!

Missing out? Not on our watch. Sign up right here, right now, and let’s get your book the attention it deserves.

Want a Bit More Spotlight?

We’ve got some special extras to help your book stand out even more. Space is limited, so snag your spot fast. First come, first served!

What You Get

  • 2 Week-Long Giveaway
  • Promotion on
  • Inclusion in LitRing emails
  • Social media promotion on LitRing accounts
  • Customized giveaway graphics for your use
  • Additional Promotion through Contests sites

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