Bad Bad Man


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I shouldn’t want him.

He’s a criminal. The VP of an outlaw biker gang and a very bad, bad man.

But when my little sister leaves home and takes up with her much older biker boyfriend, for some reason this stranger makes me an offer I can’t refuse. He says that he’ll watch over her, that he’ll keep her safe. And despite who he is, what he is, he tells me that I can trust him.

The problem? The man’s got a smile that could kill and the body of a god, and I can’t stop thinking about those green eyes and all those tattoos he keeps hidden under that leather jacket.

Trust him?

I'm not even sure I can trust myself.

Note to Readers: This book contains scenes that may depict, mention, or discuss death of a parent, attempted rape, sexual assault, underage sex (consensual, off page), suicide (off page), murder, drug addiction and drug use, drug trafficking, and drug overdose. This is an adult romance and includes graphic, descriptive sex, strong language, and scenes of violence that some audiences may find offensive.