Birthing the Goddess, Return of the Divine Feminine, Volume 1: “The Secrets”


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As a Third World War threatens our planet, a beautiful archaeologist unearths an Artifact that allows her to contact members of the society we know as Atlantis. From twelve-thousand years ago, the Atlanteans generously share their technologies, medicines, philosophies and magic. But the reader soon discovers that their society had a major difference from our own: Homoerotic relationships were the norm rather than the exception.

Keeping her discovery to herself, the main character, Jeanette, is soon swept away from her professional duties and into a world of endless possibility, rife with exotic lore, fervid rituals, potent sexuality, and hallucinogenic sacraments. She becomes particularly involved in the story of one young Priestess named Shayna. The philosophy of the Atlantean Priestesses is that the potency of their sexuality empowers their spirituality/magic to the level of "superhero".

With the aid of the Artifact, Jeanette receives magical initiations that carry over into our modern world...she begins to develop powers in the present day. Soon, she is joined in her explorations of Atlantean society by one of her fellow archeologists, Bran, and a homoerotic relationship begins to blossom. They vow to use their newly-learned abilities to stop or at least stem the tide of the developing war.

By the end of Volume 1, Jeanette and Bran have practiced and developed themselves to the point that they feel capable of taking on a group of militant terrorists that threaten to overrun their archeological dig. Boldly, they step forward to face the insurgents...