Love, Lies and Lavender


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Hilary Larkin would rather be anywhere else other than this idyllic Minnesota lakeshore inn. But telling her sister-in-law “no” when she offered to pay for the conference was out of the question. The only bright spot of the dreaded week is the handsome lavender farmer distracting her from the crushing reality of trying to keep her late-husband’s inn-keeping dream alive.

Dane Porter locked up his heart after his ex-wife betrayed him. Even literally colliding with the beautiful and intriguing woman at this conference can’t make him forget that trusting another woman might only lead to heartbreak. But Hilary makes him wish he could finally let go of the past.

Despite family tensions as the conference ends, Hilary finds inspiration in her and Dane's newfound friendship. Will she and Dane learn to bury the past so love has a chance to bloom?