Percy’s Perdition


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The past looks over your shoulder...
The Earl of Karmaughton cares about two things in life: power and his wife, Ellie. He’s not oblivious to the suffering caused by his investment decisions. But the innocent are expendable, and as Percy’s father always said, “It’s business.”

Lady Karmaughton will never convince her husband to listen to his conscience. Instead, she quietly works behind Percy’s back to atone for the damage. When their lives abruptly end in a horrific carriage accident, Ellie finally has the opportunity to save her husband’s soul.

While Karma bides its time...
The callous nobleman learns that for every action there is a consequence. To avoid his punishment in Hell, he must spend his time in Purgatory—a strange place that resembles an abandoned circus. His task: helping other souls repent or find their way to eternal damnation.

With Ellie’s help, Lord Karma’s Karnival becomes an eerie last stop for those who need to discover their humanity…or suffer in perpetuity.