Queen of Hearts


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Mimi once believed in love, in happily ever afters, but the pain of betrayal and abuse hardened her heart to steel. And sharpened it into a blade she wields against those like the man who hurt her before.

Now none are safe as she takes her rage across the city. It's abusers beware as she brings justice for the women with a game of Stolen Hearts, spinning a web her victims can never escape.

She's untouchable in her game. Until a job goes horribly wrong and her only way out is a blackmailer who wants her as his partner in crime.

Jac is looking for justice of his own and making the Queen his pawn is just the perfect move in his plan. But he got so much more than he bargained for.

And so did she. But dare she trust again?

The game is afoot and the stakes are life and death...

And love.

But dare it bloom in the desert of two jaded hearts? Or will their mad quest to save the innocent be their final checkmate?

*This book contains content about violence against women.*